Top startups of the UK

With an advanced, 多元化的经济和技术人才, 英国是许多初创公司和科技公司的故乡. 英国成熟的创业生态系统和充足的资金支持多个本地初创企业在全国范围内扩张,并推动它们在世界各地的发展.

涉足多个行业和企业, many of these startups are operating through software or cloud-based platform. 尽管通过技术运营的初创公司数量明显是压倒性的, many of these companies are also operating in the financial sector, 英国经济的传统特色. However, 从电子商务到医疗保健, 从电信到人工智能, many UK startups are also engaged in the application of technology to new verticals, 以及对大量行业的颠覆.

Though many of these companies are already well-known in the UK and abroad, reaching a large population with their products and services, 他们中的一些人不那么出名, 因为他们专注于特定的业务领域,并负责处理特定职业所面临的问题. 其他公司则在相互竞争,特别是在金融服务和金融科技领域. Nevertheless, many of these British startups have already reached the status of “Unicorn”, that is to say, 估值超过10亿美元.

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List of the 30 top-funded startups from the United Kingdom

以下是英国投资最好的30家创业公司的名单,以及每家公司的详细信息, 根据Crunchbase,公司收到的资金总额为美元或英镑, as of March 2020 (with GB £ converted to US $ with the rate of 1.2817 $/£), together with a direct link to the company’s website.

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Shortcuts to each startup

方便您在这个长列表中浏览, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the top 30 UK startups. Be sure to also check the Top 10 UK startups’ summary after the list!

30. eToro

eToro logo

所属行业:金融服务-总融资:222美元.7 Million

eToro是一个社交交易投资平台. 它允许用户共享实时交易信息, learn from each other, 并建立在社区活动的基础上. eToro于2007年在英国成立,并在塞浦路斯和以色列开设了办事处.

Website: etoro.com

29. Checkout

Checkout.com logo

Industry: Financial Services – Total funding: $230 Million

Checkout.com is a company specialized in online payment solutions. 处理整个付款流程,结帐.Com与150多种货币和所有国际卡合作,为商家提供一个综合平台,优化他们的支付, increases their revenues and fits their particular requirements.

Website: checkout.com

28. Darktrace

Darktrace logo行业:隐私和安全-总资金:$230.5 Million

Darktrace is a cybersecurity company that relies upon artificial intelligence. With tens of thousands of previously unknown threats identified, Darktrace使用自学习算法来检测和应对云网络和虚拟网络中的网络威胁, 物联网和工业控制系统.

Website: darktrace.com

27. Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes logo

行业:旅游和旅游业-总资金:249美元.2 Million

Secret Escapes是一个专门提供豪华酒店和度假的旅游预订平台,可享受高达60%的价格优惠. 在英国和国外都有业务, Secret Escapes为精心挑选的一些酒店、假期和独家交易提供会员制价格.

Website: secretescapes.com

26. Snyk

Snyk logoIndustry: Privacy and Security – Total funding: $252 Million

Snyk是一家安全公司,专注于发现和修复开源依赖和容器映像中的漏洞和许可证违规. 它赋予软件驱动的业务以开发者优先的工具和安全深度,将安全构建到他们的持续开发过程中.

Website: snyk.io

25. BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI logo行业:医疗保健-总资金:2.92亿美元

BenevolentAI是一家专注于加速从十大网赌平台推荐到药物的征程的科技公司. It uses a computational and experimental technology platform for R&D计划降低药物开发成本, decrease failure rates and increase the speed at which medicines are generated.

Website: benevolent.ai

24. Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy logo行业:能源-总资金:2.47亿英镑

Ovo Energy是一家致力于降低能源成本的能源技术公司和供应商, greener, and simpler. Committed to becoming a net-zero carbon business by 2030, Ovo wants to change how energy is used in daily life with energy-efficient heaters, 能产生能源的电动汽车和新技术的发展.

Website: ovoenergy.com

23. BrewDog

BrewDog logo行业:食品和饮料-总投资:373美元.9 Million

BrewDog是一家精酿啤酒酒厂. 2007年在苏格兰成立, BrewDog spearheaded the revolution of craft beer in the UK, 生产当代和进步的瓶装和罐装啤酒,挑战世界各地的啤酒和酿造的认知.

Website: brewdog.com

22. CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical logo

行业:医疗保健——总资金:384美元.8 Million

CMR Surgical is a producer of medical devices for medical surgery. Their lead product, a surgical robot system, 旨在通过整合现有的外科工作流程和减少外科医生所需的体力和脑力劳动来改善病人的结果.

Website: cmrsurgical.com

21. WorldRemit

WorldRemit logo

所属行业:金融服务业-总资金:407美元.7 Million

WorldRemit是一家专门从事货币转账的公司. 通过数字平台运营, it allows to conveniently and cost-effectively send money abroad, through a computer, smartphone or tablet. 适用于50个国家的寄件人, WorldRemit can manage money transfers to 140+ destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

Website: worldremit.com

20. Starling Bank

Starling Bank logo

Industry: Financial Services – Total funding: £323 Million

星城银行是一个移动烘焙应用程序. 它允许用户进行支付, send money and manage their savings both for personal banking and business banking. Starling Bank also proposes accounts in Euros as well as joint accounts for couples.

Website: starlingbank.com

19. Monzo

Monzo logo

所属行业:金融服务-总资金:324英镑.7 Million

Monzo is a digital bank. 针对重度智能手机用户, Monzo提供手机银行服务来管理金钱和支付,并帮助其客户摆脱传统银行的金融生活, cheques, 去银行代理处.

Website: monzo.com

18. Graphcore

Graphcore logo

Industry: Artificial Intelligence – Total funding: $460 Million

Graphcore是一家开发硬件系统以加速机器学习应用的公司. Having created a new processor named the Intelligence Processing Unit, Graphcore产品让人工智能开发人员和研究人员运行机器学习模型的速度比前几代硬件快得多.

Website: graphcore.ai

17. Zopa

Zopa logo

所属行业:金融服务业-总融资:464美元.5 Million

Zopa是一家P2P借贷服务公司. It allows borrowers to deal directly with lenders without any intermediary. 它的工作原理是将信用等级归给借款人,并允许贷款人根据这些等级提供贷款, 信用证金额和有效期. Zopa then acts as the distributor of money and enforcer of the system.

Website: zopa.com

16. Iwoca

Iwoca logo

所属行业:金融服务业-总融资:474美元.8 Million

Iwoca provides financial services dedicated to small business. Its digital platform offers a number of financial tools to help SME with their growth, investments and cash flow while avoiding the hassles of traditional banking, such as paperwork, long waits, and rigid lending criteria.

Website: iwoca.co.uk

15. Atom Bank

Atom Bank logoIndustry: Financial Services – Total funding: £429 Million

Atom Bank is a mobile bank. 它只通过一个移动应用程序运行, 让其客户受益于其低成本的模式,同时提供全天候的在线支持. Atom Bank also offers a range of personal and business banking products.

Website: atombank.co.uk

14. Truphone

Truphone logo行业:电信-总投资:584美元.5 Million

全球移动网络供应商, Truphone是一家经营移动基础设施和SIM技术的电信公司. 它通过其移动网络连接了190多个国家,并允许在一张SIM卡上使用多个国际号码, together with services in mobile recording and Internet-of-Things – IoT – solutions.

Website: truphone.com

13. Improbable

Improbable logo

行业:媒体和娱乐-总投资:604美元.1 Million

impossible是一家游戏和娱乐公司. 多亏了它的编程平台, impossible可以在云中运行多个服务器,从而能够模拟更大、更复杂的虚拟世界. 他们还打算利用自己在游戏化方面的专业知识来解决其他行业的问题.

Website: improbable.io

12. Babylon Health

Babylon Health logo行业:医疗保健——总资金:635美元.3 Million

巴比伦健康是一家数字健康服务提供商. It relies on a mobile app, artificial intelligence, and medical experts to provide accessible and affordable, 个性化的健康评估, treatment advice and face-to-face appointments with a doctor 24/7.

Website: babylonhealth.com

11. BGL Group

BGL Group logoIndustry: Financial Services – Total funding: £525 Million

BGL Group is a provider of insurance and household financial products. 追溯到1992年, BGL通过技术改进了业务, becoming a leading digital distributor of insurance and financial products. It also operates price comparison websites, including comparethemarket.com在英国和lesfuret.com in France.

Website: bglgroup.co.uk

10. TransferWise

TransferWise logo

所属行业:金融服务业-总资金:772美元.7 Million

TransferWise是一项国际汇款服务. It provides customers, individuals, and businesses, 由于数字平台和收费结构,这一传统国际汇款方式的替代品成本较低,低于标准的银行收费.

Website: transferwise.com

9. Revolut

Revolut logoIndustry: Financial Services – Total funding: $837 Million

Revolut is a digital bank. It provides a number of banking and financial services through its digital platform, 包括预付费借记卡, currency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. It allows customers to pay and withdraw money in more than 120 currencies, 其中包括26个直接从其移动应用程序.

Website: revolut.com

8. Telegram Messenger

Telegram logo

Industry: Information Technology – Total funding: $850 Million

Telegram Messenger is a messaging app focusing on privacy, security, and speed. Working across devices, Telegram允许用户发送文本, photos, 任何类型的视频和文件, create groups of up to 5000 people and communicate to anyone through private, self-destructing messages.

Website: telegram.org

7. 牛津纳米孔技术

牛津纳米孔技术公司的标志行业:医疗保健-总资金:666英镑.8 Million

牛津纳米孔技术有限公司是一家专门从事分子分析的纳米孔测序产品的公司. 特别是涉及到DNA和RNA的测序, 它在生物研究中得到应用, including human genomics, cancer research, microbiology, plant science and environmental research in more than 80 countries.

Website: nanoporetech.com

6. OakNorth

OakNorth logo所属行业:金融服务业-总融资:1美元 Billion

OakNorth为向中小企业放贷的信贷机构提供信贷分析和监控解决方案. 依赖于机器学习, credit expertise, and big data, OakNorth让银行和其他金融机构能够更有效地工作,降低风险. OakNorth also is the parent of OakNorth Bank, a leading digital bank in the UK.

Website: oaknorth.com

5. LendInvest

LendInvest logo

所属行业:金融服务业-总融资:1美元.3 Billion

LendInvest提供一个专注于房地产贷款和投资的在线市场. 它允许任何投资者访问各种资产类别, underwriting, 和众议院的投资, together with services such as loans for property financing.

Website: lendinvest.com

4. Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance logo所属行业:金融服务业-总融资:1美元.3 Billion

Prodigy Finance是一个专门为国际研究生提供贷款和再融资的数字平台. 给予接受高等教育的机会, Prodigy Finance provides loans to students of more than 150 nationalities, 由校友社区资助, institutional investors, and private investors.

Website: prodigyfinance.com

3. Deliveroo

Deliveroo logo

行业:食品和饮料-总投资:1美元.5 Billion

Deliveroo是一家专门将餐厅食物送到家庭或办公室的公司. 通过数字平台运营, Deliveroo通过销售点订单管理终端与餐厅合作,从事餐饮市场营销和销售工作, 此外,它还通过快递司机智能手机上的应用程序优化配送.

Website: deliveroo.co.uk

2. The Hut Group

The Hut Group logo行业:商业和购物-总资金:3美元.9 Billion

The Hut Group is an e-commerce company focusing on fast-moving consumer goods. Founded in 2004, 必胜客集团已成为世界领先的在线零售平台之一,主要从事健康和美容类产品. It operates more than 100 websites globally selling premium and non-perishable beauty, wellness, luxury, and lifestyle goods.

Website: thg.com

1. Global Switch

Global Switch logo行业:信息技术-总投资:4英镑.9 Billion

Global Switch develops and operates data centers in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1998, Global Switch已经稳步增长并筹集资金,成为世界上最大的十大网赌平台推荐中心运营商之一, 涉及大规模密集的网络, 运营商和云中立的多租户十大网赌平台推荐中心.

Website: globalswitch.com


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Top 10 UK Startups 2020

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Top 10 UK Startups 2020

以下是英国投资最好的30家创业公司. Did we forget any? 你是否从他们那里购买过任何产品或服务? 你认为哪一个提供了最有用的产品? 请在下面的评论中告诉全国十大赌博官网!

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